Dobaara: See your Evil Review : Huma, Saqib and Adil area unit sincere. however they themselves appear to be victims of a scarey (pun-intended) film.

Dobaara See Your Evil may be a sleek supernatural heroic tale. Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem play siblings WHO have a tricky opponent in an exceedingly mirror. Here’s our show review.

Dobaara See Your Evil is one among the higher supernatural thrillers created by Bollywood in recent times.

Dobaara See Your Evil
Cast: David Hume Qureshi, Saqib Saleem, Adil Hussain, Lisa Ray
Director: Prawaal Raman
Rating: 3/5

Whatever is finished is done once more. there’s nothing new during this world.

With this prophecy arrives a possessed mirror which will manipulate your mind even before you sense it. it’s happened persistently before and it’s reaching to happenagain. Your natural instinct is to destroy it however the mirror is aware of a way to trick your subconscious. It’s a protection plan of action it’s perfect over centuries.

However, now the potential victims, Natasha (Huma Qureshi) and Kabir (Saqeeb Salim), have braced themselves with the most recent gadgets and an inspiration. they may not have realized it however however the audience is aware of wherever they’re headed.

Based on electro-acoustic transducer Flanagan’s supernatural heroic tale sensory receptor (2013), Dobaara is that the re-imagination of surprising events that transpire in Natasha and Kabir’s childhood. Their folks, Alex (Adil Hussain) and Lisa merchandiser (Lisa Ray), area unit browsing a foul wedding and Alex is quick losing bit with reality.

There on, it’s a see-saw between minds and you witness it with bated breath and tightly clutched seat handles.

Director Prawaal Raman is aware of the standard reasoning the common moving-picture show buff will around such films. Also, we have a tendency to area unit gone the age of the Ramsay brothers and even Ram Gopal Varma’s ghost theories. So, Prawaal doesn’t pay a lot of time in establishing largely anticipated backstories. He states them in an exceedingly matter of reality tone with the assistance of sepia-coloured pictures and a voiceover.

But he with success establishes AN eerie atmosphere that stops you from happy it off out justifiedly. He seems on the weaker foot ab initio however it’s a ploy that works hugely in his favour. he’s slowly creating you realise the complete potential of this otherwise straightforward trying story.

Unlike most supernatural stories, he prefers to tread a non-linear path and keeps inter-cutting between completely different time zones.


Dobaara is 105-minute long.
Dobaara bit by bit begins to amass pace. You don’t meet new characters however they peel off their minds. the imagegood family fades right ahead of your frightened eyes. You in secret wish it all to show out a farce however the cat is already out of the bag. consider preventive measures currently than merely concealing head within the sand.

British author Ian McEwan’s book on the shelf doesn’t facilitate either. The atheist writer’s presence on the frame doesn’t stop United States of America from basic cognitive process in necromancy and black art. we have a tendency to plan to go on Prawaal’s manner, WHO desires United States of America to require notice of his narrative vogue.

His techniques square measure easy however want solid acting chops. His 2 leads, Huma and Saqib, keep reminiscing within the past. Their chemistry is okay tuned. One appearance vulnerable and therefore the alternative provocative. and so they switch their roles. someone is unquestionably messing up with their intelligence. With bone chilling moments thrown in between, we have a tendency to square measure sure a astonishingly sleek film.


Dobaara could be a trustworthy remake of receptor.
Barking dog, hypnotic eyes, whispering lovely models, gloomy cellars, masks and a life-size mirror. All the traditionalparts area unit there in Dobaara and area unit used judiciously and in right proportions.

Then there’s Adil, United Nations agency ne’er drops associate degree expression. His Jack Nicholson (The Shining) galvanized rumblings send shivers down the spine and authoritative figure provides a blanket creepy tone to the film.

The unhappy half is that the opposite actors don’t reach identical level of commitment. Their expressions flicker once the viewer demands a final decision. typically the logic of not going the damaging spot fails to persuade. At different times, actors take it too nonchalantly and don’t look afraid.

Prawaal is aware of his strength and focusses a lot of on jolt-giving scenes, however 2 scenes want a cohesive issue. However, Dobaara’s 145-minute period saves him to some extent on this front.

It’s a trustworthy remake of receptor and may create your hair stand from time to time. Hindi filmmakers seldomcome through such tactfulness in largely foreseeable paranormal stories. Feel the chills.

Dobaara – See Your Evil | Official Trailer | Huma Qureshi, Saqib Saleem

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